At times when we want to do something new, something we always wanted to do, we are always held back by the fear of failure. The fear of things not ending up the way we want it to be. Even though we have our past experiences denying it, even though we can recall the moments where we excelled or at least achieved some level of expertise in something by putting our efforts and energy into that, we are hesitant to accept those thing as a guarantee to success of our next venture. The counts of instances of our success are overshadowed by myriad of failures, heap of negativity. This tendency to over count our failures accumulates within us with time and with more accomplished we become. There is nothing new in this and this thing have been talked time and again. There are many ways to overcome this fear and there are many examples of people who have procured something extraordinary just by understanding those fear and not letting that stop them. These are things which motivates us. We can always look up to them and resolve our fear. Every time we achieve something after getting over fear we get a lots of confidence and feel like being able to do anything which comes next. But the fear of failure comes back each and every time. In that case, if our fear gets resolved every time, we completely overlook a bigger problem- “The problem of recurrence of this fear”. If we for once understand why this fear recurs, may be we will not need any external motivation to push us, to try a new venture. We can push us our self. We can be self motivated. We can really be grown. Its because of lack of this understanding, even though we achieve, we do not grow. Even though we retain the identity of success, we loose the purity of it. There lies the difference between achieving success and achieving greatness . So, coming back to our real question we need to know what is it which keeps this fear recurring on ? What is it which differentiates an achiever from a great person ?, in short, how could someone get over the fear of failure once and for all ? The answer lies in the way we look at the fear. If we look it as fear of failure, it surely have a solution in getting motivated by success stories of others and rephrasing it in our own. But once we look the fear beyond the ambit of failure, we see there is something else entailed to it. Its the doubt on our capability, our innocence and our dedication. Its the fear which questions our ability to work on the next venture with same level of dedication, with same level of innocence as earlier. Once we understand that fear and are able to overcome that, we are done. We no longer need an external motivation, we no longer need others success stories to phrase ours. Now we can create one of our own. A fresh one. An original one. And retain it forever with its purity and grow with humanity. But the solution to this fear has to come from within. We cannot look at others. Its different for each one of us. We have to introspect our self to recreate our first success- to overcome ‘The fear of success